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Supporting North Dundas Business

Collaborating with Business Owners to Strengthen Our Community


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Accomplishments & initiatives

Member dues support our mission to “collaborate with business owners, to strengthen our community’. The Chamber takes a very active role in local economic development through leadership, creativity and collaboration. Here are some of the initiatives our members have supported the Chamber in executing, this past year...

  • Creation of a Commercial Space page that features all commercial properties for rent or for sale in North Dundas. Sponsorship of this page is available to realtors and financial institutions at only $30/month. 
  • Establishment of Sponsorship Opportunities in our new online store. These include ways to promote member businesses online and at events. It also includes a way to support new or struggling businesses by giving members and opportunity to sponsor their membership.
  • Providing annual 'Business Health Check' surveys to all local businesses, to get an understanding of the health of our local business community.
  • Providing bi-monthly Chamber Chat meetings for all local businesses wanting to network and hear what is happening at the Chamber. This serves to provide a way for non-members to find value in a membership with the Chamber and for members to connect with other businesses. 
  • Establishment of the North Dundas Chamber of Commerce Tourism Grant to provide funding for local events and encourage local shopping. 
  • Hiring a professional Social Media guru to provide social media promotion that will benefit members and the chamber. 
  • Becoming a member of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, which helps our chamber to gain access to a wealth of research and knowledge on policy issues that matter to Ontario businesses, and to provide our members with their Member Discounts Program. 
  • Collaborating with the Township of North Dundas on welcoming new businesses to North Dundas. 
  • Working with the Economic Development Officer at the Township on online and in-person events that promote local businesses, including the annual Trade Show Expo. 
  • Establishing a weekly newsletter that provides current information relevant to local businesses, as well as resources and events. New members recieve recognition in both our newsletter and on social media.
  • Established an Instagram page and revamped our Facebook page after professional consultation. 
  • Created professionally designed rack cards and member window decals to help promote the chamber.


Today, our Chamber represents the diverse interests of member businesses - from farming to fashion - across a broad spectrum of pursuits operating out of charming villages, busy and burgeoning subdivisions, and a sprawling rural countryside mosaic that quietly bustles with activity just beyond the southern boundary of the Nation's Capital. 




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